DSE ONE Connecting Technology & Design (Panel)

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Bryan Meszaros, founder and managing partner at New Jersey-based OpenEye, will be moderating a luncheon panel at DSE ONE, being held Oct. 21  during New York Digital Signage Week, that we expect will draw a lot of interest.

© Matt GreensladeThe topic will be ‘How to Connect People to Place Through Digital Engagement’ and Meszaros told us during an interview Monday that the idea is to tell how technology and design can work together and that he expects the panel to focus largely on bridging the gap between technology and design.

He has invited a number of panelists that may not be that familiar to a lot of the audience but who are themselves very knowledgeable about bridging that technology-design gap: Vijay Mathews, principal, W&Co.; Michael Schneider, AV technical strategist, ESI Design; and Florian Vollmer, chief experience officer, InReality.

“Everything should look seamless,” says Meszaros. “Technology offers the opportunity to help people connect. Designers often haven’t learned how to integrate the two.

“I expect we’ll be getting questions on mobile engagement and interactive technology and how can play off each other – and how to connect the two.”

Meszaros offered some rules that might come under discussion:

  • Know your needs and expectations;
  • Bring ways to the environment that will become more functional when technology and design seamlessly connect;
  • When building spaces, you need to integrate with multiple disciplines.

DSE ONE will take place at the TKP New York Conference Center, 139 W. 39th St., New York.

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