Evolution 2 TXi-Media Pod, @Metropolisdm

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Metropolis Digital Media (MDM) London has announced the launch of an enhanced (Taxi Top) product that it claims will transform the advertising market around London’s black cabs.

The Evolution 2 TXi-Media Pod is the new version of MDM’s earlier digital screen pod fitted on the roof of licensed taxis…

The E2 Pod’s enhanced technical features include class-leading high-resolution, high-brightness HD displays that have been specially adapted to create crystal-clear visuals that operate effectively in all ambient light conditions – producing stunning results. The E2 Pod is longer and lower height than the original and retains the same sleek curves and contours that integrate with the iconic shape of the TX Taxi. Rigorous testing and compliance has been carried out with TFL and the Transport Road Research Laboratory.

After successful trials this year, Metropolis’s digital taxi-top advertising network is rolling out in London in December, 2014 with, we are told, “massive driver recruitment well underway” thanks to the best incentives for the best drivers.

After a one-off installation, taxi drivers receive GBP 2,000 per year over a three-year contract.

CEO Daniel Faughnan told us “Our E2 Pod’s model demonstrates our constant innovation and investment in DOOH and dedication to leading the market in UK licensed taxi digital advertising. The E2 Pod reaches an engaged audience thanks to geo targeting, delivers superb-quality LCD adverts, and eliminates the hefty production costs of the vinyl livery ads currently used on London taxis. So it provides great results and value for money. It represents a huge opportunity for taxi owners and advertisers alike”.

Metropolis Digital Media of course face tough competition from Brightmove Media, Verifone Media and others.

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