How To Sample A Sprout @PearlMedia Style

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Wanting that consumers try out Hewlett Packard’s latest computer dubbed Sprout, Pearl Media, Fairfield, New Jersey, has launched an interactive digital experience in New York’s Chelsea Market, home to the technologically sophisticated Chelsea Market Feed.

chelsea market 4

The Interactive feed is on a 55” Ultra-Slim 6 touch points screen with Multi-Touch LCD displays.

It is one of 10 screens in the Chelsea Market Feed Powered by the Huffington Post, installed earlier this year by Pearl to offer relevant digital content.

The Sprout bridges the gap between real and virtual by allowing users to interface with 3D products and hands-on creation, which the interactive digital experience showcases.

Chelsea Market is one of the most highly trafficked destinations in NYC. Its other screens include: four NEC 55” super-slim line LED displays; one 138” array, comprised of three NEC 46” ultra-thin bezel LED panels; and one 225” array, comprised of the Samsung 75” Edge-Lit LED displays.

chelsea market 6

The interactive screen allows consumers to check out Sprout and get a 3D impression. Content management is by Four Winds Interactive, Denver, Colorado.

“This gives HP a way to break through the clutter of commerce, culture and cuisine at Chelsea Market, while also adding value to the customer experience,” says Josh Cohen, CEO, Pearl.

The Sprout experience will be live until Jan. 31, 2015.

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