Zoom To Focus On Active Lifestyle Marketing In US

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Zoom Media & Marketing, the US division of Zoom Media Group, is now branding itself as Zoom Active Lifestyle Marketing.

ZoomLogo-Tagline-TM-BlueIn Canada and the UK (and Germany where it has a small presence), the company will continue their Zoom Media branding.

This new Active Lifestyle positioning is part of Zoom’s global branding strategy reflecting a more structured and intensified focus on the fitness consumer. Zoom will be reflecting this redefined identity with media kits, blog posts, newsletters, presentations, and the launch of a re-imagined company website.

In the US, the Zoom Fitness media network currently spans more than 2,565 venues, engaging more than 50 million members with 85 million monthly impressions (as measured by Nielsen) with even more growth expected in 2015. Zoom has consistently recognized that targeting by lifestyle is more valuable and powerful than narrowing in on generic demographics, and has invested significantly in recent years to collect data on the active lifestyle consumer with in-depth studies conducted by leading research firms Nielsen and GFK, among others.

In the US, Zoom plans to exit its Social Network in restaurants and bars, and will stop selling murals, focusing all its efforts on fitness and experiences targeting the Active Lifestyle.

This has also led to some staff changes.

“We did let some people go, but we are adding others, and continue to add people,”
says Thomas Link, senior executive vice-president of sales and marketing. “These moves are not about cutting costs but doing what we do best even better.”

With unparalleled experience creating brand experiences for fitness enthusiasts in and out of network venues, Zoom management says that it is now more than ever in the optimal position to engage the active lifestyle target on behalf of leading brands and clients.

“Zoom is committed to enabling brands to reach the active lifestyle consumer at a point of passion; where they are and where they want to be,”
says Link. “We are confident we are the only media company that has that undeniable access to this highly engaged and receptive consumer, and our mission in 2015 is to continue to prove that to advertisers.”

In the months to come, Zoom plans to release communications and White Paper research pertaining to the active lifestyle consumer. Further, it is developing more superior content geared specifically for audiences in fitness venues, resulting in more sponsorship opportunities for brands, and new platforms for building its deep connection with consumers.

Zoom Media Group Inc. is believed to be the largest fitness digital media company in the US and the world with more than 4,000 digital media locations across the US, Canada, the UK and Germany. In the US, Zoom’s fitness network operates in over 160 markets. Zoom’s digital media networks are measured by The Nielsen Company and reach over 100 million monthly viewers across 25,000 digital screens and over 55,000 billboards. Zoom is owned by the de Gaspé Beaubien family and ABS Capital Partners. François de Gaspé Beaubien, chairman and chief coaching officer, is the largest shareholder.

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