Free Amsterdam Mobile Guide On iPhone

Chris Sheldrake

Travellers to Holland will be able to use an iPhone or a mobile web browser to explore the city of Amsterdam from the palm of their hand as the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (dedicated to providing free advice and resources on travel to Holland) announces the launch of the Amsterdam Mobile Guide – basically a free iPhone application available now in the Apple App Store.

Anyone with a mobile web browser can also view the Amsterdam Mobile Guide at

The Amsterdam Mobile Guide will provide iPhone users with images and regularly updated information on Amsterdam’s most popular attractions, including museums, restaurants and bars, hotels, shopping and much more 😉

Google Maps and the GPS ‘Near Me’ function will also undoubtedly assist travelers in finding their way around Amsterdam in real-time!

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  1. Diego Says:

    What does this have to do with Digital Signage? Did you just leave a coffee-shop and post this on the wrong site?

  2. Andrew Neale Says:

    If you want ‘digital signage’ ONLY then pop over to one of our competitive sites that caters to the AV community. We focus on digital out of home and consider mobile to be a big part of that.

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