Chris Sheldrake

ADCENTRICITY today announced a new full-service, cross carrier mobile marketing solution with the US service provider Impact Mobile.

The idea of course is to combine two of the fastest growing categories in advertising – mobile and digital out-of-home witth ADCENTRICITY providing marketers with a holistic approach to their planning needs.

Rob Gorrie, CEO of ADCENTRICITY told us “The convergence between digital out-of-home media and mobile is happening now and smart marketers are figuring out how to use these forms of media together to create the ultimate engagement tool,”

He added “Adding a mobile component to a digital out-of-home plan is a great way to enable consumers to interact with your brand messages with relevance and introduces additional means to evaluate ROI.”

Impact Mobile capabilities include…

  • Call-to-Action: SMS, votes, polls, sweepstakes, contests, promotions, coupons, call-back request, text4info, surveys
  • Retail and Redemption: Mobile coupons (bar codes), unique PIN numbers (drive2web), ticketing
  • Content Delivery: rich content, ringtones, wall papers, games, videos
  • Mobile Applications: Mobile Internet Sites (WAP) and Smart Phone Applications

Gary Schwartz, CEO and President, Impact Mobile told us “The wireless phone allows the brands to add valuable functionality to the digital out-of-home buy and allows brands to leverage this one-to-one channel to deliver alerts, coupons and other special offers directly to their consumers’ phone number.”

About Impact Mobile

Impact Mobile Inc. is a leader in providing technology to enable complete end-to-end mobile marketing solutions with offices in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City and Richmond, VA. Impact Mobile provides connectivity to all major wireless carriers in North America, allowing the Company’s clients to communicate with consumers via their mobile devices. Impact Mobile’s JumpTXT™ platform provides carrier-grade messaging and routing infrastructure allowing clients to reach mobile subscribers using standard rate and premium SMS, WAP, and MMS messaging, and to deliver mobile content and applications.

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