#dse2015 Is Over But Now The Work Begins

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, we can call it a day as far as #dse2015 is concerned as exhibits started coming down in a hurry at 5 p.m. Thursday, but now it’s a case of all those companies who made connections with visitors to start following up on those potential new business leads.

IFWe don’t know how many attended this year’s event in Las Vegas – the number with probably be crunched late next week – but from the many smiling faces and busy traffic throughout the event, I think it can safely be said that it was, again, a successful event.

While the DailyDOOH team didn’t get to see every exhibitor we’d hoped to see, we did get to visit a large number. (This editor always wishes the exhibits were open over three days, but that’s just wishful thinking on my part.)

What impressed me most? Hmm… I really liked Planar‘s seamless videowall; Four Winds Interactive‘s App Store – and ditto for that of Screenfeed; Hughes‘ Breakroom TV; the coolers’ technology being introduced by both LG and by MRI (they differ); several new products soon on the market from Barco X2O; inLighten‘s digital donation kiosk; and a lot more.

Our (editorial) team pick of must-see’s included; AOTO Electronics Co., Ltd.’s 1.2mm LED, Ayuda Media Systems’ Private Marketplaces & Private Exchanges 4 DOOH Media Sellers, Barco/X2O Media’s Control Panel, the MultiTaction Curved iWall and Screenfeed – The Digital Signage Content Store’s new SOCIAL APPS.

We also enjoyed hearing about the strategy moves and new focus of several companies (more on that later).

And there were some fun things to see: one kiosk was letting people show themseves as 1980’s bobbleheads; another let passerbys show as animals. (This editor is the pussy cat shown above with her camera and notebook.)

Now it’s crunch time not only for the exhibitors but for this editor whose notebook is filled with pages and pages of notes. I’ll be writing lots of articles over the next few days about many of the products and companies that I saw during the two-day exhibit.

And one other little note: don’t be surprised if some kind of training and/or certification re ‘programmatic’ becomes part of DSE’s educational program sometime in the not-too-distant future. I heard interest in the idea being floated by a few movers and shakers, so I personally wouldn’t be too surprised to see it as early as #dse2016.

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