Trust Not Their Presents, Nor Admit The Horse

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

timeo danaos et dona ferentes

timeo danaos et dona ferentes

We met again three Greek network operators last week at the Screen Expo Europe event itself and yet another old friend at Broadsign’s Broadpartners event on the Wednesday evening.

We spent quite a bit of time in Athens last year at their (very own) Marketing Week sponsored Digital Signage event and were impressed then at the size and knowledge of their marketplace.

Digital Out of Home activity in Greece covers the likes of Carrefour, Shopping Malls and retail.

Acquire, Broadsign, MediaTile, Planar and Scala software solutions all seem to have a good foothold in the marketplace.

Digital Signage and Marketing Services (DSMS) is a Planar Coolsign partner and has several good sized networks including a fully outsourced retail network comprising 53 shops in Greece and Cyprus with the likes of Nine West, Haralas, All About Shoes, D&G and Ferragamo.

Mattel SA (the toy manufacturer) is also a customer.

The Avenue Mall is Greece’s first mall with any form of digital signage network installed. DSMS currently runs 12 portrait screens in the Mall (picture shown above of typical screen at top of escalator).

We saw this when we were there and we liked lots of things about the installation – the screens sensibly mounted on the floor with good line of eyesight visibility (a lesson many Mall operators could learn from a la the excellent way that Eye Corporation lay out their digital screens) and their use of portrait (rather than TV style landscape) screens.

Their mix of content looked very good also.

3 Responses to “Trust Not Their Presents, Nor Admit The Horse”

  1. FILIP ZAJÄ„C Says:

    You say BroadSign have a good foothold; what did you base this on? Their advertising budget?

  2. Keith Kelsen Says:


    MediaTile has deployed 20 of a 400 store deployment in greece. In fact you can see this even in the Athens airport. This is run by Arisvi our Distributor. This is one of the largest deployments going on in Greece currently. Be glad to send pics.


    Keith Kelsen

  3. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    Filip. Thanks for the comment. Your ‘tone’ of email comment leads us to believe that Broadsign, maybe are spending their advertising money like a drunken sailor spends his cash on shore leave? Our comment about Acquire, Broadsign, MediaTile, Planar, Scala etc. was intended to give the reader some perspective on which signage solutions players were in the market – hopefully with some degree of accuracy, a partner and significant install or pilot etc was used as a ‘marker’. Always, always happy to be corrected if we are wrong and always very interest in our reader’s point of view. If we have got it wrong then please correct us.

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