Converting Retailers Into Media Owners

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

It’s a tough call to know when to desert your stand to attend a conference, but one of the  presentations in the Digital Media in Retail Conference at Screen Media Expo that was an absolute  must for me was by Tor Olav Haugen CEO of CatchTheEye in Norway…

Convert Retailer to Media Owner

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Tor Olav’s approach is quite aggressive – he sees screens in retail as a media in itself and their location so close to the end-consumer as both an opportunity and as an almost irrelevant accident.

For him, they present a new way to engage more directly with the consumer. His experiences with Bluetooth downloads of Extreme Sports clips and Health Club Trial Coupons show an impressive 35% uptake of those who accepted the connection – proof that people do watch the screens and are prepared to act on the information they convey.

He also showed us a store map different degrees of reactivity as well as some inexplicable dead-zones

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