Tesco Screens Creative RFP

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The result of the Tesco Screens Creative RFP may not now be known until the end of the month!

Although the official line was that the winner would have been announced yesterday (Feb 13th) – making a nice Valentine’s day present for someone – we have heard that the last of the 6 shortlist candidates only presented earlier this week / late last and no decision has yet been made.

We do like to, always appear all knowledgeable (and sometimes we are) but in this instance, and especially as two of our preferred candidates didn’t even make it to the shortlist we were hard pressed to figure out who the 6 shortlisted actually were.

We always knew that there was a lot of international interest in the RFP – hopefully thanks to some extent by the dissemination of the RFP to our international readership.

It seems that John Ryan International’s Madrid based studio is one of the shortlisted candidates alongside of course, current incumbent Bob Clarke’s content group and four others.

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