CRI Needs 2 Be Sold & Rumour Is, It Just Might but…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Our future depends upon our ability to create profitable business operations and obtain additional financing as required. If we are unable to generate sufficient revenue, adjust our operating expenses so as to maintain positive working capital, or find financing, then we will be forced to cease operations and investors will lose their entire investment. says the latest Form 10-Q for CREATIVE REALITIES, INC. Quarterly Report dated 2-Jul-2015.

In May this year we said that we’d heard that a potential acquirer was Reflect (dreams of reversing into a public company perhaps?) but the last we heard there were actually a couple of potential acquirers. I think as we said before though, we are not quite sure what anyone is buying here exactly.

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  1. Dave Ruvolo Says:

    Good luck to the employees there. Hope they all find a good place to call home soon.

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