The City Briefing: OOH for Entrepreneurs

Maddie Cotterill

Next Wednesday in London, the day before The DailyDOOH Gala Awards the Ministry of New Media has a new half day event; ‘The City Briefing: OOH for Entrepreneurs‘.

DD_TCB_logo_v3It’s a fantastic networking opportunity for those involved in both OOH and DOOH.

They’re expecting a 50+ crowd made up jointly of media owners – mainly, we note, middle management ‘disruptors’ in more established OOH and DOOH corporates as well as a very healthy mix of entrepreneurs and startups involved in both the technology and media side of the industry.

Primesight’s Marketing & Insight Director Mungo Knott is someone who very neatly bridges with OOH and DOOH and is one of those at the forefront of innovation in this so it is no surprise that he has been invited to KEYNOTE the event.

There are a bunch of other excellent speakers as well, mainly discussing startups, entrepreneurism, challenges therein etc., etc.

  • Aidan Neill, Bitposter’s CEO and Co-founder will discuss ‘Riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster: from banking to billboards’ and’s CEO and Co-founder Andrew Phipps Newman will ‘Not (be) Taking No for an Answer’ and armed with a variety of props will be demonstrating a number of creative possibilities – all with innovation in mind.
  • In the middle of the afternoon, Ingrid Silver, who leads the Dentons UKMEA Media and Entertainment practice and who has been involved in the media and entertainment sector for more than 18 years, will impart 30 minutes of knowledge based on her experience, advising a range of clients all of whom who are at the forefront of digital innovation (Ingrid has tons of experience advising on services such as online advertising, convergence, interactive and mobile content).
  • To finish the afternoon and lead the audience into cocktails will be Burr Smith – best known of course as Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer at BroadSign BUT he’s also an entrepreneur, risk taker and investor in his own right. Burr has turned around BroadSign since its BroadSign Chapter 11 back in 2012 and the BroadSign you see today is a much, much stronger and completely different animal than it was then. Burr is the longstanding President of BroadSign’s main shareholder, Jedfam and is deeply invested in the company’s success and has a strong propensity for identifying initiatives that move BroadSign, and the digital signage industry, forward. In addition to his role at BroadSign, Burr is the Manager of Brisco-Davis Group, a position he has held for the past 17 years. Prior to this, he spent 15 years as Vice President of Sverdrup Investments Inc. With some of the OOH’s largest companies choosing BroadSign (there are rumours of at least two REALLY BIG yet still unannounced wins in Europe) his presentation entitled ‘DOOHing the Right Thing: How playing by the rules and colouring outside the lines can lead to a successful Software enterprise’ will be of real interest to those companies who are really serious about playing in the DOOH space.

‘The City Briefing: OOH for Entrepreneurs’ takes place 14:00 onwards on Wednesday December 2, 2015. More information can be found here.

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