London Fashion Week

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

London Fashion Week

The week before last it was Adwalker at the New York Fashion event, last week it was Screen Technology‘s turn with their innovative human shaped iTrans screen at London Fashion Week.

The iTrans screen, shown above with a new girl band called The Diamond Girls featured as part of the ON/OFF event.

iTrans is a bit noisy when running but the fact that they can be tiled, made in lots of different shapes and viewable in bright sunlight (works well in windows then) is why there has been a lot of interest in them from people involved in retail store layout and retail merchandising. The human shaped screens are perfect for clothes of course – hence we guess their use at London Fashion Week.

There’s some debate in the office as to the name of this band – they used to be a 4 piece – we think – back in Nov 2006 we have photos. If you are slightly interested then see

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