Driver-Crowdsourced Advertising Platform

Maddie Cotterill

Wrapify makes some bold claims; first it says that it is a “genuinely disruptive and individual-empowering new Out-of-Home marketing platform that connects drivers with brands to create powerful and memorable on-vehicle advertising”, secondly its an “Uber for Advertisers, making the daily commute pay via a proprietary mobile application” and thirdly it claims that it “Will Change the World of Out-of-Home Advertising”.

James Heller, Chief Executive Officer of Wrapify told us “Wrapify’s goal is to change the world of out-of-home advertising for the better, for the consumer. We think Wrapify will help speed marketing’s paradigm shift to the individual, a fair deal where everyday Americans get a piece of the action.”

What is certain, is that it is an ingenious mix of the latest digital and mobile technology, it is perhaps the first ad platform with an iOS application that creates economic value to consumers by paying them, while providing a marketing service that transcends advertisers and agencies.

Wrapify lets drivers pick their choice of advertiser and the car’s ‘look’ and boasts “beautiful vehicle display designs” from an in-house creative director, while offering brands trackable results.

Wrapify vehicles are currently on the road in San Diego and San Francisco, and will launch later this summer in Los Angeles, Orange County and Atlanta. More than 1,500 drivers have signed up and the platform already supports four launch advertisers: Coldcock Whisky, HomeHero, and

About Wrapify

Wrapify is a disruptive advertising platform connecting drivers and brands to create powerful on-vehicle advertising. Through its proprietary mobile application and technology, Wrapify gives drivers an easy source of extra income, plus the power to choose the marketer and “look”: full, partial or panel advertising. Brands receive the security of control and benefit of trackable results. Ironclad controls ensure Wrapify’s powerful and intuitive platform protects both drivers and brands, while every member of the Wrapify Network ecosystem passes certification before they touch and transform a vehicle. Wrapify is the easiest way to make money on the road short of finding it in the street

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