Primesight To Acquire Streetbroadcast?

Chris Sheldrake

Regular readers will know that Streetbroadcast went Tango Uniform February / March this year and that the administrators were looking for a new buyer.

Looks like this wasn’t a ripping off creditors style ‘pre-pack’ deal and word reaches us that Primesight have been looking at doing an acquisition of Streetbroadcast for the princely sum of GBR 250,000.

Some of the money for this deal if it happens is likely to come from GMT Communications Partners we believe. Sources close to the deal tell us the deal amount; GBR 50,000 for Intellectual Property and GBR 200,000 for the company itself.

Primesight have no real digital offering at the moment – you could argue that even with this acquisition they still don’t, Ed 😉 but overall this is probably money well spent by Naren Patel, Primesight CEO.

As long as Naren realises that he will need to throw away all of the LiteLogic screens that Streetbroadcast have in place at the moment and make a clean (digital) start then we can probably expect great things from this new combined force.

2 Responses to “Primesight To Acquire Streetbroadcast?”

  1. Stuart Says:

    This is for sure a fantastic aquasition. Streetbroadcast have 2500 six sheets mounted on approx 1500 lampost in prime locations. They have also 50 litelogic screens which have not been operated since the administrators took over back in march. They will not need to throw these away but just switch them back on after a thorough upgrade to their air conditioning system, which was what was affacting them previously.
    Even during the current climate it looks like they have paid approx £100 per six sheet location with current contracts set to run 15 years and a number of addittional contracts like Leeds which is worth 10’s of millions over the next 20+ years, they have got an absolute bargain.
    Not just that but they get the digital screens for free.
    Lets just hope that they dont insist on fitting their own air conditioning again and stick to what they know “selling advertising space”
    By the way Litelogic have exactly the same piece of kit outside Chelsea football club and this has proper air conditioning in it and this site has been 100% reliable 16 hours a day every day

  2. Spinney Says:

    Stuart, your defence of Litelogic products, your knowledge of normally sensitive quality-of-service information and a two word Google search suggest to me that you are in fact one of the remaining Litelogic employees.

    However, I doubt that you have studied the Dynascan spinning LED POV patents as closely as I have, and I have to say that StreetBroadcast’s 50 digital screens are not only _not_ free, but a potential liability.

    From an engineering perspective, Dynascan’s claims are pretty watertight.
    It is very hard to see how any mechanically scanned LED array could be built without infringing one or more of their patents.

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