Looking For Mike Teavee On TitanVision

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Some of the press releases that have come out about Titan Ireland’s first large Digital Out-of-Home screen rollout in Dublin have described it as ‘cutting edge’ but whilst it is good to see yet more large screen digital solutions this is hardly that advanced – simply another pixelated LED solution.

John Lynch, Chairman of CIE and James Barry, CEO Titan Ireland.

John Lynch, Chairman of CIE and James Barry, CEO Titan Ireland.

The TitanVision rollout in Ireland (in the UK a similar system is called Titan Transvision) is initially in Dublin at Connolly Station, Pearse Street Station, Heuston Station and BusÁras.

Titan CEO James Barry told us “It’s an exciting development for Titan in Ireland, particularly given the current climate. Titan is evolving in the Outdoor industry with significant investments in new digital formats both here, in the UK and the USA”.

It looks like a phase two deployment will see further screens developed for other stations including Cork, Galway, Limerick and large key DART and commuter stations in Dublin.

Heather McGuire Titan’s Deputy MD also told us “we have a captive audience of 1.7 million commuters moving through these stations every day. TitanVision is a new way of engaging them on the move.”

The screens will broadcast eighteen hours a day with a mixture of editorial content from Sky combining news, sport, business and entertainment alongside advertising.

The screens are LED technology Nichia Corp and the network is run as usual by Dynamax’s flagship POV scheduling and broadcasting software.

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  1. Howard Smith Says:

    Adrian can I suggest a trip to Dublin? The craic is great and you can see the quality of next gen cost effective LED screens.

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