Remote Media’s 6-Sheet At Sign & Digital UK 2008

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Remote Media call their 70″ product a digital 6-Sheet – we prefer not to call it that when by its size (or lack of) it does not match up to true 6-Sheet (or even 4-sheet) sizes. See for a sizing chart.

There were a plethora of (we think) poorly built attempts at 6-Sheet products at Screen Expo – seriously if you looked around, more than you could count!

We haven’t seen Remote Media’s product yet but they have told us that they will be showing it at the Sign & Digital UK 2008 event at the NEC – knowing Jason and his team it’s probably actually rather good so will be interesting to see it.

A 70″ screen (measured diagonally of course) is not even the standard size for a 4-Sheet AND to be a true 6-Sheet format then the screen would have to be 85.17 inches in its diagonal, the correct sizes are below…

  • 4 Sheets are 72.11 inch in diameter (60 x 40)
  • 6 Sheets are 85.17 inch in diameter (70.861 x 47.244)

This really irritates us as the inaccuracy is starting to become a mainstream term and the word 6-Sheet is being used too ‘generically’ – simply in order to make mention of a portrait screen in some form of enclosure.

We will continue to be pedantic about ‘sizing’ until digital folks talk correctly about the size or the advertising industry tell us they don’t care!!

The Digital Signage Showcase (Sign & Digital UK 2008) is being held between 22nd and 24th April at the NEC, Birmingham. Remote Media will be on Stand J73.

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