Kaleidovision win 160 Gala Bingo Halls

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If you thought you had problems rolling out new networks, spare a thought for the Kaleidovision Network Operations Centre in Hertford and Willow, the A/V installation company. Also, do not forget to click here and see a new way to enjoy the bingo game…

6 Weeks, 160 Sites, Twilight Installs ONLY (23:00 to 10:00am)

Hot on the heels of a successful 5 site trial with Gala Bingo in June, Kaleidovision, who have been working with the Gala Coral Group for many years now (and who were nominated for a Gala Coral Group supplier of the year award in 2006) were contracted to installed 160 x KL2 one and two output graphics systems in all of the remaining Bingo real estate – as long as the installs were done by September 1st 2007.

Come September several gambling laws (the Gambling Act of 2005 might be coming into force I believe) are being relaxed for Bingo and Casino operators, allowing more above the line (ATL) advertising indoors and out.

In the Bingo world, operators will now be allowed to do national rollover jackpots (they do this sort of “progressive” jackpot with Poker and the like in Casinos at the moment). If you imagine that when you are playing Poker you are not just playing locally BUT nationally then you will realise that the jackpots can get quite big (UK PDS 100K – 300K) – this same scenario will now happen with Bingo and Gala Coral will be using the new Kaleidovision graphics systems to promote a new ‘progressive jackpot’ type game.

Digital Screens are of course a fantastic way to promote this internally and get people to play.

The more people who play (and lose) then the bigger the jackpot!

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