New Toronto Agency Central Station: Brands Can Take Many Paths To Success

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

The two Toronto agencies responsible for, digital signage and other creative for the Nike 15K Running in June and the launch of Mad Jack, MolsonCoors’ biggest and most successful national brand launch in two years, have joined forces under the name Central Station.

nike-Eaton Centre

Central Station, formed from MonkWilliams and Zebra Studios is headed by five partners, with John Boniface from Zebra as president.

The new agency opens with 30 people and a list of clients that includes: Nike, MolsonCoors, Nestle, Hudson’s Bay Company, Weetabix, Lindt and Humber Regional Hospital.

“Central Station is a hub, it’s essential; its where you start,” says Brad Monk, creative director. “The lines in our logo that emanate from our name we refer to as tracks. They represent the infinite number of paths a brand can take to lasting success.”

The work done by Zebra for Nike 15K is an example, with retail stores showing related gear, and Eaton’s Centre showing digital signage, Hudson’s Bay store devoting its front windows, plus other above and below the line media such as a pop-up store. For Mad Jack, MonkWilliams used billboards, backlit street columns and transit, interactive taxi games and POS.

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