Tools 4 Smart Spaces & Smart Interfaces @SEGD Xlab 2015

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Xlab, Nov. 5-6 in New York, is the Society for Experiential Graphic Design‘s fast-growing tech-focused experiential design conference, designed as a ‘What’s next?’ space where designers, digital technology providers and users can explore the new and emerging technologies shaping experience design.

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Xlab is also about the technologies and platforms available today—tools that Experiential Graphic Designers can learn about during SEGD’s Xlab and begin applying in their next project.

Falvia Sparacino

Flavia Sparacino

Intelligent interfaces are offering endless ways to provide connection, context, navigation, personalization, and curation in the physical environment.

Leading designers and technologists like Flavia Sparacino, founder of Sensing Places; Mike Clare, user experience and strategy lead for Intersection (formerly Control Group); Neil Redding, creative technology director at Gensler, New York; and Darren David, founder and CEO of creative technology firm Stimulant will be among professionals talking about the new tools, and what can you do with them right now.

Mike Clare

Mike Clare

“In most EGD and XGD projects today—even those with primarily traditional outputs—clients are asking for digital components and they expect their design consultantsto be up-to-speed on new technologies,” says Justin Molloy, SEGD director of education. “Xlab is that place where design practitioners can learn about the technologies and platforms being used now and in the near future, equipping them with good insights for their own projects and clients.”

Sparacino is expected to focus a lot on beacons and how they are set to revolutionize retail and museum experiences.

Neil Redding

Neil Redding

With Intersection focusing on creating personalized and integrated experiences across digital and physical environments, and being part of the NYC-based consortium CityBridge, which is developing #LinkNYC, we expect Mike Clare to discuss Smart Cities with #LinkNYC as a focal point.

Redding, who often works with retail clients, sees personalization as the most important trend in the retail world and will share his perspective with such examples as recent innovations at retailers like Target, Rebecca Minkoff, and Harman.

Darren David

Darren David

David will talk about ‘smart space design’, which he describes as a nascent field that potentially holds major promise for the future of public space (and designers of public space).

Each one of these professionals will be holding court with other speakers at separate sessions, so you don’t want to miss being at the full day of SEGD conferences being held Nov. 5 at the SVA Theatre, 333 W 23rd St, New York.

And don’t forget to also register for the Nov. 6 half-day of Xlab and studio tours around Manhattan, all part of New York Digital Signage Week.

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