Electronic Shelf-Edge Labels

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ZBD Displays system have been touting Electronic Shelf-Edge Labels (ESL) for some time and indeed back in 2006 had a couple of small pilots with people like Tesco.

Tesco has just announced a big ESL deal with Swedish vendor Pricer.

Pricer has said that Tesco ordered 400 units for the delicatessen counter of one store and an additional 2,750 units for the dry-grocery department in the same store.

ESL of course reduces printing costs and the labour needed to make price changes.

The Pricer labels are DotMatrix – a 90mm display and a 106mm for the deli counter and both allow price and information to be updated wirelessly in real time (the pixel-based displays require little power).

Elsewhere in Europe folks like Carrefour have deployed more than 11 million electronic labels and Casino which has 7 million in its stores.

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