‘ON Smart Media’ Launched by @OutfrontMedia

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

OUTFRONT Media Inc., one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the US, introduced Tuesday (Nov. 3/15) its new advanced digital technology platform, branded OUTFRONT ON Smart Media.

OUTFRONT Media logoON Smart Media leverages patent-pending addressable displays, cloud distribution, engaging content capabilities and an app-driven infrastructure that combines the precision of digital marketing with the impact of out-of-home.

“As a tech driven media company, we are building solutions for advertisers that are relevant, engaging, useful and always on,” says Jeremy Male, chairman and CEO of OUTFRONT Media. “In an increasingly complex and evolving media world, OUTFRONT is leading the transformation of out-of-home environments with new technologies to deliver meaningful consumer experiences that drive incremental value for our clients.”

OUTFRONT Media’s cloud-based, app-driven technology is currently being used in the new 34th Street-Hudson Yards station in New York City, and is the first product initiative under the new OUTFRONT ON Smart Media platform. This technology, leveraged by OUTFRONT Media’s exclusive partnership with start-up Videri, will soon be migrating to OUTFRONT Media’s outdoor inventory including transit, spectacular, and PRIME locations.

A second product set now being introduced by OUTFRONT is the OUTFRONT Mobile Network, which will provide an array of custom solutions including geofencing, Wi-Fi, and beacons. The initial deployment will include location-based mobile marketing solutions through a custom geo-fencing solution powered by xAd, a location-based marketing company, which enables marketers to reach the right people based on the real places they visit every day.

“We believe that the integration between mobile and out-of-home is an important next step in connecting advertisers to their intended audiences,”
says Male. “Mobile integrations provide more feedback to advertisers and bring together a one-to-many medium with enhanced targeting and one-to-one interactions.

“This is the first of several products within theOUTFRONT Mobile Network that will help us understand our customer and their needs down to a hyper-focused level.”

Dipanshu ‘D’ Sharma, CEO and founder at xAd, says, “Location provides the real-time context that advertisers need. Combining the precision and scale of real-time location with the impact of OUTFRONT’s media gives advertisers the ability to provide tailored messages at local and national scale, and the ability to go far beyond views or clicks to real business results.”

Through xAd’s patented location-based marketing platform, OUTFRONT Media clients can create custom geo-fences around an advertising placement to reach mobile users with dynamic mobile creative. This precise geotargeting technology enables marketers to reach audiences with localized messages at national scale, reinforce campaigns with sequential messages, and measure more significant business results.

Through this partnership, OUTFRONT Media enables advertisers to determine whether someone who received mobile ads nearby the advertising placement engaged with the ad or even visited the physical store, directly correlating how advertising drives real-world results.

We expect to be hearing more about these new products Nov. 4/15, when Male gives the keynote address at the DailyDOOH Investor Conference as part of New York Digital Signage Week.

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