Sony’s Mega DEP With CBS Outdoor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

At long last, visual improvements have been made to CBS Outdoor’s DEPs in London along the lines of what JCDecaux did at launch of their Digital Escalator Crown, MTR Station, Hong Kong last year.

sony-bravia-mega-depThis campaign, planned by OMD, created by Dare and bought by Posterscope launched Monday 27th April at Waterloo Underground Staton and is the first on CBS Outdoor’s so-called Mega DEP format.

The vinyl wrap (which looks absolutely great by the way) is long overdue on the DEPs we believe and here we see it being used to promote the new Sony BRAVIA LCD television.

The Sony BRAVIA ‘200Hz Motionflow’ campaign will run for 2 weeks to coincide with the UEFA Champions League soccer semi-finals, reinforcing the sponsorship of the Champions League by Sony.

Carl Pring, Head of Brand and Advertising at Sony told us “The Mega DEPs at Waterloo will allow people to be immersed into the world of BRAVIA and really shows off how smooth the 200Hz Motionflow picture is. We are very excited to have secured such an incredible space to promote our latest BRAVIA technology and to be able to do something creatively exciting with it”.

The DEPs black vinyl wrap is accented by red and yellow flashes of colour to echo the Motionflow logo and the ‘motion like no other’ creative on the screens (filmed using a zoetrope) with 64 static images shows Brazilian footballer Kaka performing a football trick.

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  1. Andrew Gant Says:

    Very cool! Anyone have a link to this? Would love to see what something filmed through a zoetrope looks like!

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