Ross Honey New President/COO At @TouchTunes

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We see that Ross Honey has quietly made the move into TouchTunes Interactive Networks as president/COO although there hasn’t been any release on this, as far as we know (you can see his LinkedIn profile here which clearly states that he is President/COO).

Honey, recently an advisor for Overdog, was earlier with Microsoft as general manger for monetization of Windows, Skype and and earler was general manger for Microsoft’s Xbox advertising.

Charles Goldstuck, who used to be President now appears to have taken on the roles of both Chairman and CEO.

It’s unclear what has or may have happened to former COO Jim Wilson.

We tried to reach TouchTunes late Friday afternoon to get more information, but the New York office – like many others on the US east coast – seemed to have closed down early in anticipation of a winter storm.

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