Broadsign to launch their own Blog

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Apart from Minicom’s Blog (if you don’t have it bookmarked then see my Blogroll) I am not a fan of any vendor specific Blog.

It is very difficult to be objective (obviously) and very difficult to have any form of impartial informed comment (surely what Blogs are all about).

Anyway I have just learnt that Broadsign are to launch their own Blog by the end of this month.


I am actually quite looking forward to it. Nurlan Urazbaev, Broadsign’s Director of Marketing (based in Canada) has an impressive background in media and the radio. More than many he understands the broadcast, communications and media industry and so I think that their Blog might well be a worthwhile daily read.

I have in the past (with permission) reproduced some of the material that Broadsign have put out and without a doubt I have had more positive comment about those ‘reproductions’ than anything else I have ever distributed.

Watch this space.

3 Responses to “Broadsign to launch their own Blog”

  1. Bill Gerba Says:

    No other good corporate blogs? Surely you’re mistaken. Even if I weren’t to count my own, and (which I personally think are pretty good), Dave Haynes from Digital View Media has an excellent blog (, as does Rob Gorrie ( though admittedly he’s not with a particular company right now. Also, it’s quite new, but I’d expect Peerless’s to be a worthwhile read if it conveys even a modicum of the information that their staff has.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were shilling for BroadSign.

  2. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    I haven’t seen the Broadsign Blog but having seen some of the content that they have put out and knowing Nurlan’s background in media I am “expecting” their Blog to be good.

    My point was “vendor specific” Blogs as opposed to “corporate” Blogs.

    Your Blog at Wirespring is YOU (and excellent cos’ it is YOU) not Wirespring – (I assume) it just ‘hangs’ off your corporate site so i didn’t classify it as a corporate / vendor / supplier Blog.

    My point, maybe badly made, was that too many corporate Blogs are just there for the supplier / vendors own purpose (and there is no problem in that – it’s just not ever impartial).

  3. Bill Gerba Says:

    Thanks for the clarification, and sorry if I came out a bit aggressively 🙂 My guard comes up automatically whenever I hear lots of superlatives (I think I’ve developed some kind of affliction after reading one too many silly press releases and paid-for articles).

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