#dse2016: Day Two Thoughts

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, the exhibits have been taken down and people are scattering hither and yon, mostly heading for airports tonight and tomorrow, although a few hardy souls are staying for the weekend to vacation and play in Sin City.

Planar's Jennifer Davis

Planar’s Jennifer Davis

A brand new hockey arena has been built in Las Vegas, but wasn’t yet open so we couldn’t get in to see what digital signage has been put up.

Maybe next year! From the outside it looks really nice, and the locals seem to think that they’ll get a pro-hockey team here, although I have yet to meet a taxi driver that’s a hockey fan.

Was #dse2016 successful? I believe it was, despite not having any exhibits that would knock your socks off, and one person telling me that they felt the show was looking a bit tired. The consultants and content providers we talked to all claimed to be getting lots of business, and exhibitors were claiming good business deals and leads.

While everybody seems to have 4K these days, it seems that technology is becoming more important, and display and content management providers are all upgrading their offerings and tweeking their already existing offerings. We talked to three different companies that each have a different way of leveling their adjoining tiles. Bezels are getting almost invisible and pixel pitches are coming down.

We saw some interesting translucent displays and tiltable interactive tables, saw an excellent presentation by Planar‘s Jennifer Davis and representatives from Fivestone Studios at the SEGD luncheon, and learned the winner of the first Geri Wolff Scholarship. We’ll be writing about all these and more over the next few days.

All in all, based on a five star rating system, I’d give #dse2016, a solid four stars.

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  1. Richard Lebovitz Says:

    Since leaving my post as DSE’s editorial director shortly after last year’s show, I’ve only maintained an occasional interest in industry happenings. But I was delighted to catch up on what’s new via your coverage of DSE 2016. You confirmed what I observed first-hand for the many years I went to the show: There’s always something new at DSE and you need to be there to experience it! My guess, despite your excellent coverage, is that other sources will report on even more neat new things in this ever evolving industry. Keep up the good work!

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