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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief


Money may have been no object when they put the screens and technology in these retail shops in Dubai for telecoms operator ‘du’.

du is the second largest telecom operator in the UAE region.

Meeddya France won the digital signage rollout and chose Broadsign, we are told over Scala.

The retail technology involved includes interactive floors, dynamic audio messages, vending machines, as well as more traditional digital signage.

You will see seamless plasma walls, 65″, 50″ and 42″ Panasonic TFT PDPs and 20″, 10″ and 7″ LCDs.

There is also: –

  • text top table – a table with an integrated screen on which people can SMS
    text or MMS pictures
  • feedback screen – a screen where people can SMS feedback on products
  • interactive cashier – a screen “thank you” message when payment is
  • ceiling screens simulating windows showing outside (sky, clouds)
  • projection on water wall
  • event window at the entrance
  • 3×3 video wall to promote du cable TV services
  • an interactive screen displaying information about the products the customer
  • talking windows presenting products and services
  • a welcome message start when people enter the shop

To us, it is all a bit more Tokyo than Dubai and we wonder how the ‘natives’ and tourists react to it all in real life. Still you cannot argue that it has not been professionally put together.

Interestingly the background audio is also managed with the BroadSign suite of products.

There is an interesting YouTube walk thru of the store here as well

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