Australian Betting Shops

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We have just heard that there is an interesting digital signage pilot implementation going on in Australia at the moment – as Mike Fabian famously joked “this industry has more pilots than the RAF” – but this is actually of interest because of who is building it.

We always quote and believe in the mantra “why build when you can buy, why buy when you can rent” but what if building was so cheap and the network (licenses) you were going to roll out were so large that buying or renting is not financially viable?

Well we put them up as one side of an argument, though we don’t quite buy into that (just yet) but all options are always worth at least discussing.

Indian based, Celstream Technologies has been building custom digital signage solutions for a number of people around the world.

We know of a nation-wide network for a transportation logistics company whose application and digital signage screens are installed in truck stops across the US.

We know of 5,000 screens for an Indian network operator and we believe these folks are also working closely with Thomson/Technicolor as well.

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