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Mermaid Wins Big EU Tender

Mermaid technology a/s [1] has won a really nice EU tender for the supply of an infotainment system for the S-trains owned and run by the Danish National Rail Company (DSB). This is by far the largest digital signage contract ever signed in Denmark, involving as it does; hardware, software and services totaling something like DKK 45 million.

s_train-pixDelivery of Infotainment systems to DSB’s S-trains will take place over the course of two years.

Henrik Johnsen, Managing director at Mermaid, told us “Signing this significant agreement in the transportation industry is a great breakthrough for us. The agreement is a result of our venture into this particular business area and represents a strategic breakthrough, nationally as well as internationally. The demand for digital signage in the public domain is clearly increasing, and DSB’s decision to implement an infotainment system is a logical consequence of this trend. Mermaid has the experience and size to carry out this assignment, and we look forward to getting started”

Once deployed S-train users will be able to experience targeted TV on screens in each train carriage – including news, entertainment and traffic information. The content will be financed by geographically targeted information and advertisements

About Mermaid Technology A/S

Mermaid designs, produces and delivers customised digital signage solutions for instore marketing, communication purposes and infotainment. Mermaid manages more than 8,500 screens in more than 30 countries across the world, and is the leading full-line supplier of dynamic digital signage/instore TV in Scandinavia. Key competencies include instore screens in Danish design, dedicated software and tailored content creation. Offices are located in Copenhagen and Århus in Denmark, as well as in Norway and Sweden.