Digiboard’s Health Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Digiboard have a wide variety of digital screen networks in Turkey, ranging from shopping malls and airport terminals, to Hospitals, they are by far the largest screen network owner in the region.

If you just take their hospital network, they reach over 10,000,000 people a year, broadcasting 24 hours a day to 110 screens, running 144 spots in …

  • Kad?köy Ac?badem Hospital
  • Bak?rköy Ac?badem Hospital
  • Kozyata?? Ac?badem Hospital
  • Bursa Ac?badem Hospital
  • Kocaeli Ac?badem Hospital
  • Ye?ilköy International Hospital
  • Etiler Ac?badem Opthalmology Center
  • Beylikdüzü Ac?badem Surgery Medical Center
  • Ba?dat Caddesi Ac?badem Medical Center
  • Göktürk Ac?badem Medical Center
  • Etiler Ac?badem Medical Center

And this year the network is expected to grow with the following additions: –

  • Maslak Ac?badem Hospital 2008
  • Be?ikta? Ac?badem Hospital 2008
  • Ata?ehir Ac?badem Hospital 2008
  • Adana Ac?badem Hospital 2008
  • Kayseri Ac?badem Hospital 2008
  • Eski?ehir Ac?badem Hospital 2009
  • Bodrum Ac?badem Hospital 2009
  • Kad?köy Ac?badem Stem Cell Laboratory 2008

It’s an amazing network now but is going to be so much bigger and better by the end of 2008

About Digiboard

Digiboard, a subsidiary of Saben Co. Inc., provides 24/7 continuous digital advertising & communication platforms throughout Turkey. Digiboard is actively engaged in its core business in the digital signage marketplace, employing an innovative and differentiating solution. Converting its clients’ marketing activities to a digital platform, today Digiboard has become a new media power and a dynamic solution partner providing direct marketing & communication solutions.

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