StreetEasy Lists Available Apartments On @LinkNYC

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

StreetEasy, New York City local real estate marketplace on mobile and the web, has just launched the first real estate ad campaign to run on the new LinkNYC units in Manhattan.


The company, which provides accurate and comprehensive for-sale and for-rent listings from hundreds of real estate brokerages throughout New York City and the major NYC metropolitan area, is showing neighborhood-specific apartment listings that are currently for rent on StreetEasy.

The ads run on LinkNYC’s regular advertising loop. They are currently appearing on about 40 Links units.

Peter Edwards
, StreetEasy’s senior director of marketing and analytics, says that the ad for the apartment listing is changed approximately every two hours. StreetEasy updates apartment listings through direct access to LinkNYC’s’s API, aligning apartment locations with individual Links. The ads show apartments at varying price points.


“There’s sort of an imaginary boundary drawn around each link, so the ad showing is for an apartment within that boundary,” says Edwards. “We know that people like to find apartments near where they currently live and work, so they will see the ads when they are traveling to and from work or moving around during the day.”

There is no interactivity for the LinkNYC screens themselves, but the ads direct people to the StreetEasy app where they can get more information on the specific apartments in which they are interested.

StreetEasy launched the campaign to engage with the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who are searching for apartments during the peak summer season. The campaign, which will run on LinkNYC for eight weeks, is augmented by ads in subway stations, on taxi tops, and on the city’s legacy phone booths.

Launched in 2006, StreetEasy is based in the Flatiron neighborhood of Manhattan. It is is owned and operated by Zillow Group, a public company.

On its website, StreetEasy adds layers of proprietary data and useful search tools to help home shoppers and real estate professionals navigate the complex real estate markets within the five boroughs of New York City, as well as Northern New Jersey and the Hamptons.

LinkNYC, which will become the world’s largest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network once fully deployed, will be paid for entirely through advertising, creating the world’s largest digital out-of-home ad network. The initial units are currently being rolled out in Manhattan, but they will eventually be deployed to all five boroughs.

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