Who’s Shooting Elephants?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ken Goldberg writes extremely well over on his blog ‘Hunters and Gatherers Choose Sides‘ and his views on what is happening at the moment on the solutions side of the business are well worth a read.

He discusses BroadSign, Wireless Ronin and WireSpring but we’d add the following into the mix: –

  1. STRATACACHE are shooting all the elephants in the US at the moment it seems. Get scared (or excited depending on who you are) when they play seriously in Europe. They have a very smart CEO, solid management team, good existing cash flow and strong customer base and are seemingly winning the larger RFPs in the US marketplace
  2. Wirespring see no reason not to hunt rabbits AND elephants at the same time. They were clever enough to launch a totally new site for their new product. Again, if they got their PR and marketing house in order they would be a serious contender for a top half finish in our yearly top 10 list of signage vendors

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