#NYShowcase16 @NEC_Display’s Manhattan Tech Talk

Maddie Cotterill

On Tuesday October 25, 2016 during New York Digital Signage Week, as part of NEC Display Solution’s New York Partner Showcase VIP Cocktail Reception, they have a new TV chat show style programme inspired by some of the work that we’ve done with them in both London and Amsterdam over the last 18 months.

Broadcast Set

‘Manhattan Tech Talk’, filmed before a live studio audience, consists of two shows, each featuring a number of prominent industry players: –

First off, at 17:00 will see the following talking ‘technology’ …

Jeff Hastings, CEO, Brightsign
Steve Durkee, President Commercial Products, Milestone-AV
Richard Ventura, VP Business Development and Solutions, NEC Display Solutions

Next up, at 18:00 talking ‘design’ will see …

Peter Berry, Associate Principal, Shen, Milson & Wilke
Rob Badenoch, Associate Principal, TAD and Associates
Randy Pagnan, Principal, RP Visual Solutions

More information on NEC’s New York Partner Showcase can be found here.

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