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Presidential Election Content And Data Package from @Daktronics

Daktronics [1] (NASDAQ-DAKT) is helping out-of-home digital signage owners sell advertising while also serving the public with a free 2016 election-targeted content package for Daktronics digital billboards.

dajt-election-templates [2]

This free election content package will allow Daktronics digital billboard operators to display real-time election results to their audiences on election day. By choosing from various content options, operators can either sell the advertising space to a sponsor or use it as a public service announcement.

Gina Kuck, manager of Daktronics Commercial Creative Services told us “This is an opportunity for digital display owners to use both high election anticipation and dynamic data to launch their own exciting campaign,” said “Dynamic data is one of the best ways to engage audiences and this package makes it easier for display owners to create their own messages that capitalize on the current election landscape.

“Beyond this package offering, ensuing conversations with new and existing customers can help spur the use of dynamic data in other promotions. As a manufacturer, we’re invested in developing a long-term strategy for digital billboard users. This offering is just one example of our commitment to the industry by cultivating growth on a granular level.”

The free package consists of two template options: the popular vote or percentage vote template and the electoral college template. These are available in self-promotion or sponsorship options for all Daktronics Visiconn® and Venus® Control Software users. Reach out to commercialcreativeservices@daktronics.com for information on how to receive the free package before election day.