Signkick Marketplaces Launches w/ @JCDecaux_be

Maddie Cotterill

Signkick has announced the launch of their partnership with JCDecaux Belgium which provided an online purchase platform for consumers and small businesses. is a publicly viewable direct-purchase website which allows consumers and small businesses to view and buy JCDecaux’s advertising locations across Belgium. The website uses up to date availability information and enables the user to click-and-buy advertising locations. Using a live delivery tracker purchasers are able to follow their purchase through to completion. Available in both French and Dutch, the website requires users to create a free account before being able to view information. It’s targeted towards advertisers who are looking to buy a small number of panels in a geographically targeted way. The website has been live for two months, has been supported with online marketing and has already resulted in a number of bookings.

Tobias van Amstel, CEO, Signkick told us “As the first major European company to use our software, JCDecaux have been great to work with. They’ve shown the attention to detail and commitment you’d expect from a company of their standing and worked with us to deliver a standout product that helps their sales people to be efficient and customers to be informed at all times. We’re proud to be their partner in Belgium and we’re hoping to extend the partnership to their other territories.”

The main aims here we assume would be to drive incremental sales, reaching consumer and small business segments searching online and improve the efficiency and administration process of micro campaigns by various levels of automation.

Signkick Marketplaces is a product of Signkick, a UK based company providing media owner controlled direct purchase software for geo-specific selection.

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