SITO Mobile Announces Partnership w/ Ayuda[x]

Maddie Cotterill

SITO Mobile Ltd. (NASDAQ: SITO), a leading mobile engagement platform announced last week a data partnership with Ayuda Media Systems’ new spin-off Ayuda[x] Inc. to provide real-time mobile location data to advertising agencies and brand marketers making digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile media purchases and placements in the US.

This partnership is intended to enrich and extend the respective data assets, targeting capabilities, measurement and audience reach of both companies and is designed to increase revenues for both parties.

SITO Mobile’s owned-and-operated marketing platform provides access to more than 98% of U.S. mobile consumers via more than 200,000 of the most popular apps. Additionally, it feeds approximately 4.5 trillion monthly data points through its machine-learning algorithms – thus continuously improving its location-based audience targeting and real time delivery optimisation.

Andreas Soupliotis, CEO of Ayuda[x] told us “Our continued quest is to enable digital marketers to target a custom audience by understanding geospatial consumer patterns based on various data sources which are ingested by our DOOH ad platform. An important breakthrough is being able to incorporate real-time, location-based, mobile data into this process. By partnering with SITO Mobile, our ad platform will now be driven by SITO’s DMP.”

Ayuda[x] has established the first fully integrated DOOH and mobile ad serving platform that utilizes real-time location data and allows ad inventory purchases to be based on historical and current location data and audience visitation. SITO Mobile will now provide Ayuda[x] with deeper analytics, audience insights and attribution in relation to DOOH campaigns so the company can optimize its DOOH inventory. Additionally, the data will provide the opportunity for broader mobile reach to Ayuda[x]’s DOOH supply-side partners and seamless integration and purchase of DOOH with mobile campaigns to enable cross-screen exposure.

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