(ASX: QMS) @QMS_Media $20 Million Private Placement

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

QMS Media Limited (ASX: QMS) is undertaking a private placement to sophisticated and institutional investors to raise AUS $20 million before costs. The lead manager to the Placement is Baillieu Holst.

QMS has also announced its entry into the sports-venue advertising segment through a number of investments that expand and enhance its existing premium digital outdoor media portfolio across Australia and New Zealand. These investments are: –

  • 80% stake in Out and About Marketing and Media (OAMM), a leading provider of in-bowl digital stadium and other advertising at key sporting stadia across Australia and New Zealand (binding agreement to acquire an 80% stake in OAMM for $10.0 million plus acquisition of $1.25 million in debt)
  • 50% equity stake in LIVE Docklands, which holds the rights to several digital advertising assets within Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium
  • 20% strategic stake in Sportsmate Australia, a leading developer of sporting apps across a number of popular sporting codes, including AFL, NRL, Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, NFL and NBA

We are told that these are all highly complementary to QMS’ existing digital outdoor portfolio, and that they strengthen QMS’ position in key strategic markets, including Sydney and New Zealand and that under the newly-launched ‘QMS Sport’ brand they will provides access to a large, appealing and engaged audience demographic,

QMS Managing Director and CEO, Barclay Nettlefold told us “These investments are aligned with our strategy to continue to strengthen our portfolio of premium outdoor media assets and broaden our capabilities to engage with attractive, targeted audiences through multiple platforms with dynamic, customised content. Sporting venues are an ideal environment to connect with people, with highly engaged audiences, long dwell times, built-in digital infrastructure, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a significant opportunity for QMS to tap into an attractive, engaged and growing audience segment via investment in digital sports signage, technology and data to deliver tailored content through a number of channels in real-time.”

The announcement also said that there are significant opportunities for multi-platform engagement with engaged audiences, long dwell times, and stadium connectivity.

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