Four New Content Partnerships on Pump Media Network

Maddie Cotterill

Verifone Media, the nation’s largest video network at the gas pump, has announced partnership agreements with new content providers on its national Pump Media network with What’s Trending, TheDaily411, FUSION and 120 Sports, and it has also retained its content agreements with NFL Network, NHL Network and MLB Network.

The content partnerships align with the company’s continued growth into 2017, delivering 166+ million impressions on its Pump Media network through 102,000+ screens, across 48 states in nearly 200 DMA’s.

Jessica Armstrong, Vice President of Marketing and Research for Verifone Media told us “We are always researching and exploring what type of content is most interesting to consumers, so we can create a more impactful and engaging experience at the gas pump. Through these exciting new partnerships, we’re able to provide fun, interesting, sharable, and ‘snackable’ content to bring more consumer attention to the pump screen, and ultimately increase advertiser value.”

Verifone Media’s four new content partners are:-

  • What’s Trending – A 24/7 millennial-driven hub covering and curating viral and shareable content across the web
  • TheDaily411 – An online news source for music, entertainment and daily celebrity gossip
  • FUSION – A news and lifestyle network that speaks to the shared values and passions of its young and diverse audience
  • 120 Sports – A destination for breaking sports news, video highlights and live look-ins, all integrated with social conversation and expert analysis

Shira Lazar, Co-Founder, CEO and Host, What’s Trending said “We have a passion for the digital and creative community and we are always looking for unique ways to shine a light on the best content that’s generated around the social water cooler. Verifone Media’s Pump Media network enables What’s Trending to connect with new and existing users in an unexpected, yet impactful way, by delivering a modern-day billboard to our audiences at the gas pump.”

Through its retained content agreements with NFL Network, NHL Network and MLB Network, Verifone Media will continue to air plays of the week, highlights and other associated football, hockey and baseball content, respectively.

Pump Media connects brands with target consumers on their path to purchase, impacting purchase intent and behavior. For more information on Pump Media, please visit Verifone Media.

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