New Content Horizons, Thursday, June 15, 2017, London

Andrew Neale

The third in Futuresource‘s ‘New Content Horizons’ event series, which is hosted consecutively between Los Angeles and London, is an ideal opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and those driving innovation within the video entertainment and broadcast space.

new content horizons

Industry leaders and Futuresource analysts will be addressing a number of key topics such as:

  • Investment in original content production is accelerating, becoming a key differentiator for networks and service providers – What content is key, what keeps customers “sticky” and who among the traditional players and new social media platforms will have the war chest to compete?
  • Embracing the studio challenge – How is the home video industry adapting to the growth in digital video, and how are market methods and digital products evolving?
  • Live Sports – In the next five years, will the sports industry engage more deeply with OTT, mobile and social media platforms for premium content distribution to maintain relevance for the younger audience and how will this impact rights?
  • The eSports phenomenon – premium sports of a different kind – major investments have been made by leading brands and broadcasters in this space but what will be the shelf life of League of Legends compared to traditional sports? Short term fad or here for the long haul?
  • The evolution of social video – from user-generated content to the emergence of social talent, who are the stakeholders in this new world of audio-visual content? How does it work with established channels and the new world platforms of Facebook and Twitter?
  • Virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality – Where do the real opportunities lie for the entertainment industry and are consumers embracing these exciting technologies – what’s next for the world of “adjusted reality”?
  • Connecting with Kids – Linear TV viewing is still the most popular way of viewing TV and Video content in many countries. However, consumption of on-demand entertainment services is growing coupled with increased consumption of short form content. What are the implications of these trends on rights holders, broadcasters, service providers and kids brands?
  • Programmatic TV- big data and machine learning – how can it enhance tailored viewing experiences and drive revenues for the broadcasters and service providers?
  • Future of Smart TV and TV as an app – is the death of the set-top-box nigh?

Packed full of energising keynotes, best-in-class presentations and panels, New Content Horizons also includes Futuresource market insight presentations, providing attendees with strategic analysis of the current landscape and the key challenges and opportunities for the years ahead.

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