MTA On The Go RFI / RFP Briefing

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week we hear that half a dozen digital signage software vendors pulled from our Top 25 Digital Signage Software Vendors list joined On The Go incumbents CSiT and Intersection for a meeting with NYC Transit staff to answer questions raised in response to a recent Request For Information (RFI) with regard the On The Go project.

BroadSign, Four Winds Interactive, Navori, Omnivex and Scala (all from our list of course) and integrator Diversified have all seemingly expressed an interest in taking over the U/X development and CMS background for NYC Transit’s successful On The Go project.

The RFI was issued in preparation for the ‘formal’ Request For Proposals (RFP) expected shortly. The current program, which relies on the two advertisers OUTFRONT MEDIA and Intersection to purchase the kiosks, design the user interface and recover their capex through digital advertising sales ENDS IN JUNE!

Based on what we’ve seen from the RFI, the development and deployment of a unified U/X is the MTA’s primary goal of the forthcoming RFP. At the moment, the MTA has two distinct U/X and CMS systems and whilst each platforms have their own plus and minus, both leave room for improvement.

The Neilsen rated On The Go Network has a current footprint of 330 kiosks in some 65 stations of the New York City subway serving an average of 2.2 million riders daily. Those numbers will grow to 380 units at 78 stations as installations continue this year.

Let the bunfight begin!

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