#SXSW Responsive Cities > #SmartCities

Maddie Cotterill

At #SXSW this year we note that Max Oglebee, Head of Client Strategy, Design & Technologies, at Intersection and Jay Cross, President of Related Hudson Yards in NYC will be co-presenting a panel entitled ‘Responsive Cities > Smart Cities‘.

Max and Jay’s panel will explore the vision, platform and people needed to create a responsive city, not just a smart city and will discuss:-

  • What the term “smart city” gets wrong, and why you should always start with people, not tech
  • How the pace of physical buildings and that of innovation has been fundamentally opposed, and how urbanists can plan for a world that hasn’t been invented yet
  • How to create seamless experiences for different user groups, including residents, shoppers, visitors and office workers – while simultaneously creating a model for the 21st-century urban space
  • What’s next for urban innovation / responsive cities in 2017 and beyond

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