Signagelive Support 4 Philips’ SoC Android OS Displays

Andrew Neale

Signagelive is partnering with Philips Professional Display Solutions (PDS) to develop support for their extensive range of Android powered SoC Philips Displays, which will be launched at #dse2017.

To deliver Philips PDS’ Android powered display support, Signagelive has developed an optimised Android version of its HTML5 based media player. The combined Philips PDS /Signagelive SoC Display solution delivers the functionality and performance required for enterprise grade digital signage, with key features including:-

  • Full Signagelive Media Player with fullscreen and multi-zone support
  • Images, Videos, HTML5 web page support
  • 100% support for scheduling including; recurrence, validity and tag based publishing
  • Remote application updates for inline upgrades to the Signagelive Android client
  • Widget support – Over 500 Editable Templates, Clocks, Weather and Room Booking Templates
  • Web Trigger support for event driven content playback
  • Offline playback of all media, layouts, widgets and editable templates

Philips Professional Display Solutions, Mark Phillips, Commercial Director North America told us “Our unique implementation of the Android OS has been a key part of our overall strategy to target partnerships with the very best signage software companies. We are therefore delighted to be working with Signagelive and helping to support the company and their exceptional network of professional resellers. Our new partnership will allow us to jointly offer a unique combination of the power of our high-end products with some of the most innovative software currently available”.

Philips PDS’ Android SoC Displays partnered with Signagelive are compatible with the recently launched Signagelive Marketplace, comprising 500+ plus pre-built digital signage pieces of content (ranging from layout backgrounds, editable templates, clocks and weather widgets to pre-built applications).

At #dse2017 Signagelive can be found on booth #336 as well as on the Philips Professional Display Solutions booth #922

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