NDTV to Provide Content for XTD System Demonstration in India

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Indian television broadcaster NDTV is preparing to provide content to billboard-size digital TV screens installed in the Delhi Metro Rail network by Australian-based transit technology company XTD.

KVL Narayan Rao, Group CEO & Executive Vice Chairperson, NDTV said “The demonstration of the XTD systems in the Delhi Metro sees the introduction of a unique new media to India. This is a most exciting opportunity to reach an audience with relevant and timely video and sound content. This audience is previously used to static images on train platforms, but the XTD systems transform the cross-track experience for commuters.”

The NDTV content will be part of the demonstration of XTD’s cross-track digital video and information system within the Delhi Metro. It is anticipated that beyond the demonstration, which is now live, the XTD screen system will be extended to broader sections of the Delhi Metro.

A unique screen format has been created by XTD using NDTV’s award winning news content for the cross-track media demonstration. Content will alternate between Hindi and English and will be updated through each day. The layout of the screens will be unique and feature news, finance, sport, weather and entertainment updates.

XTD CEO Steve Wildisen told us “We are excited to receive early interest from large and respected brands in India and we will focus on turning these leads into commercial opportunities. The XTD digital media systems are unique in the world and capable of transforming sections of metro rail stations into far more engaging environments for commuters and brands.”

XTD’s digital cross-track media system is designed for metro rail. The system consists of large LED screens and high-fidelity sound capabilities that engage commuters with long and short form content including general news, sport, entertainment, business updates and weather.

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