Melbourne’s North Comes Alive with QMS

Maddie Cotterill

QMS Media has ‘switched on’ two new iconic digital billboards ‘The Eastern II’ and ‘The Northern,’ further cementing its position as Melbourne’s leading digital Outdoor media provider.

QMS CEO Barclay Nettlefold, told us “We are delighted to further expand our quality digital portfolio and continue to offer advertisers premium coverage across highly sought after areas of Melbourne. I’m excited to see the North come alive and the unique opportunity now provided to our clients to target commuters on both their inbound and outbound journeys on the Eastern Freeway, through the superior landmark digitals now available.”

Strategically positioned at the start of the Eastern Freeway in Clifton Hill, ‘The Eastern II’ spans three lanes of the busiest stretch of freeway, ensuring unparalleled viewing and extended dwell times for motorists.

Delivering an audience of more than 1.8 million contacts per month, ‘The Eastern II’ impacts the hard to reach, highly sought after North East region of Melbourne.

We are told that these complement QMS’ existing Eastern Freeway digital, and that these two landmark sites will enable advertisers to effectively target the hard to reach North East corridor of Melbourne in both directions – an area traditionally void of premium large format billboards.

Further North on the Metropolitan Ring Road is ‘The Northern’, QMS’ second addition to its premium digital network. Located in Fawkner on one of Melbourne’s busiest connector corridors and strategically positioned at the entrance to the Hume Freeway, this landmark site targets over 1.5 million contacts per month, giving advertisers premium access to Melbourne’s greater North, one of the city’s highest growth regions.

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