Welcome Wall at Boutique Hotel ft.’s Integrated Photo Booth

Andrew Neale

Visitors to the Sofitel Paris Baltimore hotel’s lobby are gaining unique insights into Paris thanks to the Christie MicroTiles Welcome Wall and Float4.

The 9 by 7-foot wall (3 x 2 metres) also keeps guests up-to-date with the latest news and transforms into an interactive creative canvas that sees guests draw and share their artwork and take selfies using the integrated photo booth. From the concierge to the maître d’hôtel, even staff members can manage and update content to share their insights about Paris – the world renowned ‘City of Lights’ – as well as France itself.

Alexandre Simionescu, co-founder of Float4 told us “Float4 was involved at both the strategic and tactical levels in this project. We provided a turnkey solution for the client from idea to design, production and on-site integration. We developed a content strategy that incorporates ambient visual content to make it informative as well as artistic. Beyond its ability to complement the aesthetics of the space, the Welcome Wall is a conduit between the local knowledge and the guest experience, which makes their hotel stay all the more unique.”

“Overall, it reflects the commitment of the establishment to be forward thinking in the visitor journey. Hotel Sofitel Paris Baltimore presented an opportunity for our multidisciplinary team to provide a solution that could position our client as an early adopter in the hotel industry. The smart digital element both enhances the customer’s journey and facilitates the hotel’s staff workload. It offers interactive, artistic and informative content at a luxury hotel in Paris to provide a unique, connected experience.”

Content is also controlled and curated by hotel staff using the content management system developed by Float4, and according to Simionescu, the Sofitel Baltimore Hotel is the only one in the country using this technology.

“The project integrates seamlessly into the physical environment and while deliberately understated, the combination of motion tracking, multi-touch capability, a resolution well beyond 4K and real time generative content make this installation stand apart. We would describe this installation as a return on objectives rather than a return on investment since the goal is to engage and attract a diverse audience in this upscale environment. In fact, the hotel staff nicknamed the wall TOM, which stands for: Technology. Optimal. Magnificent.”

Using web-based technology for the menus and content, and leveraging real-time rendered 3D and complex physical simulations thanks to Float4’s proprietary RealMotion technology, the MicroTiles wall combines elegance and complexity with the creative expertise from Float4 to blend seamlessly into the environment.

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