QMS NZ Launch Datalab 2.0

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

QMS NZ has announced the continuation of its dedicated long-term investment in outdoor advertising measurement with a significant update to its award winning Datalab suite of products.

QMS NZ CEO, Wayne Chapman told us “The evolution of Datalab has been a result of discussions with our media agencies and clients to ensure we continue to provide outputs and insight that support their strategic outdoor planning objectives. Our measurement journey began over five years ago with the launch of the first NZ outdoor measurement tool.
Datalab 2.0 represents a significant milestone in delivering a new unified view across multiple QMS OOH platforms, and underscores our ongoing commitment to unlocking the advertiser value inherent in understanding how New Zealanders move around the OOH environment.”

Datalab now includes mobile data and delivers smarter audience centric insights and multiformat planning capability for advertisers. The QMS Datalab was designed to ensure that all client campaigns are responded to with an insight driven, persuasive and strategic approach. Datalab 2.0 enables media agencies to plan multiformat campaigns with a total audience campaign view across QMS’ extensive outdoor product base that encompasses digital roadside, billboards, bus and commuter media assets.

Previously, Datalab analysed over one billion contact points including home locations, work locations and bank card transactions. Now, Datalab 2.0 incorporates mobile data to exponentially increase the contacts measured to a staggering 100 billion data points. This enormously rich data feed enables an unprecedented view of the NZ OOH audience, 100 times more effective at understanding audience journeys than ever before.

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