Digital Signage Consortium Japan

Chris Phelan

The Digital Signage Consortium of Japan is a 141 member organization dedicated to promoting and advancing digital signage in (you guessed it) Japan. Co-Founded and run by Board Member and Director Yasuji Eguchi, a digital media consultant with deep contacts in Tokyo’s Tech, Media and Start up circles. Mr. Eguchi reports that the DSC (as it is known among members) is 100% independent and has no investment from any of its members and is completely independent of the government.

Digital Signage Consortium of Japan

Digital Signage Consortium of Japan

Member companies include Digital Signage heavyweights like PDC, Vanten, Denstu and Sony. PDC (Panasonic Digital Communications), perhaps Japan’s leading Digital Signage company, with deployments in Tokyo’s two largest office, shopping mall, housing building complexes, Roppongi Hills (Mori Building Corp.) and Tokyo MidTown (Mitsui Realestate). Vanten, the fast accending start up in the group offers networking, scheduling and management services. Vanten customers include other DSC members like Comel, Softbank’s digital signage subsidiary and up and coming media owner. Dentsu, the world’s largest advertising agency which controls 60% of all Japanese advertising budgets leads the list of 17 advertising agencies. Sony, perhaps the biggest brand name involved, is listed in the ‘Hardware’ category of the organization. Membership is not free though, companies pay between $1,200 and $4,500 to join.

In coordination with the Digital Signage Japan 2009 expo, the organization is holding an awards competition. A panel of judges will select winners for Content, Technology and Design Aesthetics. This awards competition will set the standard for the best digital signage companies in Japan. Winners will be announced on the DSC web site after the expo finishes on June 12th.

The DSC organize monthly events which include heavyweight speakers from Japan’s corporations and startup alike. For those who are looking for business contacts, the DSC networking cocktail parties are the place to be. The organization manages an active web page with public and members only sections.

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