#OOH @AdSemble Open Display

Maddie Cotterill

AdSemble Open Display is described as the first ever platform that lets the user harness the power, reach and scale of high definition digital billboards to instantly advertise to hundreds of thousands of people.

It works like this: –

  1. Set Weekly Budget. The more you budget the more impressions you can receive
  2. Upload Your Ad. 1188 pixel width x 648 pixel height 72 dpi, JPG
  3. Go Live. At a minimum, your ad will display on one digital billboard per week

So basically, you create your campaign by telling the system how much you are willing to spend each week for your ad to appear. The more you offer each week, the more digital billboards your ad will appear on and the more impressions you will receive.

When your campaign goes live, you will receive a Digital Billboard Performance report that shows where your ad appeared including photographic proof as well as the total number of actual impressions.

You can find out more here.

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