New Line Friends Times Square Displays From @SNAdisplays

Andrew Neale

Sansi North America (SNA) recently installed yet another spectacular display in Times Square.

This new high-resolution digital display is located at 1515 Broadway, between 44th and 45th streets, and includes a large main screen and a ticker, both of which wrap around two sides of the building’s exterior.

Rasool Sayed, project manager for SNA told us “This was another very successful Times Square project for us. While we complete these types of display installations every day, I’m proud to have managed this project on time and under budget in one of the busiest and high-traffic areas in the world.”

The upgraded LED technology replaced an older digital display used by Aeropostale to advertise for its Times Square retail store.

The new displays will primarily be utilized by Line Friends, a popular Asia-based retailer which previously had a temporary pop-up store in Times Square. Line Friends, a global branding company comprised of sticker characters, can now expect as many as 330,000 daily Times Square visitors to view its advertising.

The new LED displays were designed by Sensory Interactive to maximize square footage and intentionally sit flush with the building’s exterior. Unique to this installation, a custom HVAC system had to be designed to sit behind the displays to allow for proper airflow. The displays span a total of 1,647 square feet and contain more than 2.3 million pixels.

In addition to manufacturing the screens, SNA also completed the waterproofing and glass work for the displays. Landmark Signs & Electrical Maintenance Corp. was tasked with the removal and replacement of the displays, while Ryan Biggs Clark Davis, an engineering consultancy firm, provided the structural engineering services for the project.

Sansi North America is one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world, with over 25 years of LED experience and more than 245 patents across multiple LED technology markets. SNA is on the cutting edge of emerging LED technologies and custom systems integration and has fabricated, managed, implemented and installed some of the largest and most recognizable LED spectaculars in the digital display industry.

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