QMS Wins Canberra Airport Advertising Concession

Tristan Cotterill

QMS has been awarded the Canberra Airport Advertising Concession, for the exclusive sales and marketing rights to all internal and external advertising assets as of October 1, 2017.

QMS Chief Commercial Officer, Adam Trevena led the successful negotiations to secure the highly sought-after concession as part of QMS’ overarching growth strategy and further expansion of its national digital footprint.

The Canberra Airport Advertising Concession, attracting three million passengers per annum, represents two significant milestones for QMS. The first being geographical expansion into the Australian Capital Territory (ACT); a market highly regulated against the development of roadside billboards, thus making QMS’ airport assets even more coveted amongst advertisers, and secondly a move into the prestigious airport media category as part of QMS’ growing multi-platform engagement strategy.

Managing Director of Canberra Airport, Stephen Byron said “The decision to award QMS the concession was based on partnering with a progressive and consultative outdoor advertising operator that shares similar values to our own organisation. QMS have demonstrated great knowledge, smart thinking, transparency and have already proven to be a valuable partner. We are very excited to be a part of QMS’ foray into Canberra and Australian Airports.”

QMS Managing Director and CEO, Barclay Nettlefold told us “Our new partnership with Canberra Airport is the result of a development led approach and strategic meeting of the minds, and represents a significant milestone for QMS as we continue to strengthen our portfolio of premium assets and geographical expansion to provide advertisers with quality multi-platform engagement opportunities to connect with their audience.”

QMS will continue to evolve the media assets throughout the Airport both internally and externally, commencing with the development of a premium landmark digital billboard. Impacting more than 1.2 million people per period, this new iconic double-sided digital billboard, will be the first and only roadside digital sites available within the ACT.

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